bracelets as small meaningful tattoos for women with mom tattoo and Mother's Day bracelet

Tattoos for Women and Higher Calling Bracelets: The Enduring Beauty of Body Adornment

So many things can inspire a person to get a tattoo--a loved one’s name, a symbol that holds deep meaning, the date of a significant occasion, a word or a phrase that provides strength or hope or faith. The enduring beauty of body adornment resides in its artistry, its resonating message, and its permanence. Our bracelets were designed with this idea in mind, not unlike small and unique wrist tattoos for women

Small, meaningful tattoos at the wrist for women

You might not think there are a lot of similarities between ink art and jewelry, but all art is the result of imagination, ingenuity, vision, and skill. At Higher Calling Bracelets, we create our bracelets with the same spirit and intention as a tattoo artist who creates small meaningful tattoos for females on the wrist as lasting, meaningful and original wearable art, a beautiful form of body adornment. Each one of our special bracelets is lovingly handmade and designed with the intention to inspire, uplift and/or comfort while also functioning as a beautiful and personalized form of adornment.

Our bracelets, made from the highest quality materials, including sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and authentic gemstones, are like beautiful but removable tattoos for women, providing beauty and inspiration at every glance, in the same way that a tattoo can bring tranquility, contentment, and consolation.

Like a Tattoo at the Wrist: "Blessed" Bracelet in Sterling Silver and 14K gold fill

I have a friend from childhood who has a delicate tattoo of a tiny sunrise on her upper arm; she and her college roommates each got one on the day of their graduation to commemorate their everlasting friendship. The design is simple, the colors warm and lovely…and while she always knows it’s there, the small, meaningful tattoo is not as visually accessible as she might like. So when she and her besties recently reunited, she presented each one of her friends with one of our Blessed bracelets, made with sterling silver and 14k gold filled beads, a shining reminder of the true gift of true friendship, a friendship bracelet designed to last.

Somewhere between a removable tattoo and permanent jewelry

Both tattoos and bracelets are a commitment to the permanence of love--and a form of permanent jewelry-- whether it be romantic, familial, friendship. Our “With You Always” (Matthew 28:20) bracelet can be a memento of someone close to you—still with us or not—that fills you with warmth. Supportive and celebratory messages like “Phenomenal Woman” or “Go and Shine” and phrases of encouragement, such as “All is Well” or “Be True, Be You” remind us of how lucky we are to be encouraged by the people who mean the most to us and know us best. Like small, meaningful wrist tattoos for women, the words and phrases embedded in our bracelets can be an abiding testament to the power of words to motivate, empower and comfort.

Mixing Colors, Mixing Metals

QUEEN bracelet tattoo for women by Higher Calling Bracelets

Tattoo artists make decisions that often begin with color theory, revolving around the 3 primary colors—red, blue, and yellow—and then branch off from there with different pigments, hues, and shades so that the end result is the perfect rendition of the client’s desire and the artist’s intention. Our process is similar in that we begin with the message and a vision and then create bracelets from a combination of materials we think will best realize the expression. One of our favorite ways to do so is to work in mixed metals, using sterling silver and 14k gold to create mixed metal bracelets designed to layer and stack with other mixed metal jewelry pieces.

Make new friends but keep the old.
One is silver and the other gold.

Our mixed metal bracelets in sterling silver and 14k gold fill accommodate your changing style, moods and sentiments, providing flexibility in how you can wear your special bracelet for years to come.

Cherished Memories 

For the most part, tattoos are permanent, and that’s part of what makes them so special. Higher Calling Bracelets offer a similar kind of permanence with lasting, high quality sterling silver and 14k gold filled components, but function somewhere between a removable tattoo and permanent jewelry--easy to change out if and when the mood shifts, but also lasting as long as the sentiment remains.

Both tattoos and Higher Calling Bracelets celebrate the immutability of what is real and cherished in every individual's life. Long after flowers have wilted, loved ones have passed, and precious moments have become distant (yet not faded from memory), body adornment remains as a close reminder of what matters the most.

Hours fly,
Flowers die:
New days,
New ways:
Pass by!
Love stays.
Henry Van Dyke

All bracelets shown designed and hand made by Higher Calling Bracelets.

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