Meet the Face Behind Our Inspirational Jewelry

Hi! I'm Regina. As a graphic designer­­ and avid reader, I’ve always loved the power of typography and words to move, motivate, uplift, empower and comfort. As an artist, I’ve transferred this passion into wearable art that functions as a daily reminder, mantra, inspiration or support that is unique to the wearer.

Why I created this inspirational jewelry

I loved the idea of wearing a meaningful phrase but wanted to create a more grown-up, stylish and sophisticated version of those fun little word bracelets made from plastic white beads--something with higher quality materials and elevated words and phrases. That’s why I created Higher Calling Bracelets, where I create message/word/phrase bracelets in all sterling silver (14K gold-filled accents available) and authentic gemstones. Each bracelet is hand strung and assembled. This is an important part of the process, because with every bead, I add pure presence, joy, and the intention to circle your wrist with love.

My mission as a jewelry designer

I aim to create meaningful, empowering, supportive and loving reminder messages for you (or your gift recipient) to carry close all day long. In that sense, our word bracelets act as an embrace* from me to you, and possibly from you to your gift recipient. My hope and vision is that by creating tactile words of affirmation, praise, hope, encouragement, support and/or love, the energy behind the words will be reinforced and internalized, much like a mantra, but in an ever-present, visual and beautifully executed physical form.

For many of life's special milestones and challenging times, the right words don't always come easily, but a sentiment embedded in a thoughtful, high quality bracelet can serve as a profound, lasting and daily source of inspiration and comfort.

*Did you know that the word "embrace" comes from the French word "embrasser," meaning "to clasp in the arms," stemming from the Latin word "bracchium," which means "an arm, a forearm?" :-)

Higher Calling Bracelets Art Studio Shot

Weave them garments bright and sparkling,
Compass them with love and light
Ruth C Duck, Hymnal

I have been and still am a Seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me. 
Hermann Hesse, Demian

Dude. acrylic on wood, 24" x 24"

Word art painting "oh well" by Regina Alexandra in hot pink
oh, well. acrylic on wood panel
I should have been a hippie letterpress on paper
Faith Wins. spray paint and stencils