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True Blue

True Blue

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Who's your true blue friend, the one you love most in the world, the one you can count on until the end, through thick and thin (maybe it's your inner voice or a higher power in which you trust implicitly...)? Let her be reminded daily what she means to you with our lovingly handmade sterling silver and authentic blue kyanite beads bracelet. Or, consider gifting each member of you bridal party with a custom group order. We'd love to create the perfect gifting bracelet for your special friends. Please contact us here and let's collaborate!

The Inspiration

Definition: Steadfastly faithful; unwavering in loyalty, stanch, true. Representing the true essence of something: authentic, genuine, honest

Blue has not dimensions. It is beyond dimensions.
Yves Klein

Metaphysical properties of blue kyanite
alignment, clearing/clarity, harmonious communication, self-expression, speaking truth, balancing energy, calming

Suggested gifting occasions
Bridal Party, Friend, Love, Faith, Inner Truth, Authenticity, Wisdom

Measurements:     Approximately 7” circumference
Components:        Sterling silver and authentic blue kyanite stones
This bracelet has a magnetic enclosure for easy wearability.
Please note: Price is for one bracelet.

Simplicity, quality and authenticity
Magnetic closure for easy on/off
Understated and sophisticated; dress up or dress down for daily wear
Beautifully packaged, ready for gifting

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Care Information

Our bracelets are made with quality components. Over time, sterling silver will naturally tarnish when exposed to air and excessive moisture. While this bracelet can withstand exposure to water, we recommend keeping dry whenever possible. To restore shine and luster to sterling silver beads, simply polish with silver jewelry cleaning cloth. Please do not submerge bracelet in jewelry cleaning liquid as it will damage the stones.

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